Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Bill Koch Youth Ski League Videos
A series of eight comprehensive youth orienvideos
Good Basic Drills for Freestyle Skiing

V1-Alternate (first gear)

V2- One Skate (second gear)

V2 - Two Skate - Alternate (third gear)

Double Poling - Because it's a good thing to know

Diagonal Classic Skiing - Just in case....

Just For Fun

Kids Winter Carnival
What to Wear

Skate skiing requires a significant amount of energy and thus sweating is a concern. Sweat makes you wet and cold, so it's critical to wear clothing that wicks. Free motion is the other consideration.

Four W's
  1. Wicking - This is your base layer of long underwear. Cotton is a no-no, polypro is a near requirement for outdoor activity.
  2. Warmth - This layer varies dependent on the outdoor temperature. Fleece is ideal. Good underwear and outerwear means less insulation is needed. Insulation for your upper-body core chest area is most important, legs and arms less so.
  3. Wind - This outer layer is to fight windchill and typically has no insulation. It's use is dependent on weather conditions. These outer layers can trap moister (making you cold) so they should be used sparingly.
  4. Whatever - Hats should be lightweight (polypro) because the head gives off so much heat and sweat. Gloves should be as light weight as possible, mittens do not work well but "lobster mitts" can be a good alternative. A balaclava made of lightweight polypro can make a big difference on cold days.

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