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WYC Selection Deadline: Oct 30th

Select Your Trophy Image
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  • Did you qualify for a WYC Supplied Trophy Frame? - Click Here to Find Out
  • Photo ID: Located below the photo in the gallery. It will look like "DCS_01234" or 007_1234" or similar. Or view this example.
  • Self Supplied Photo? Enter "Supplied" in the Photo ID field, and email the photo. 
  • Final framed prints will be cropped, leveled, have colors custom corrected. 


WYC Trophy Frame - Additional Orders

Order Additional WYC Trophy Frames

Order additional frames with custom matted season results: $85 each

Delivery: Pick-Up at WYC Banquet or the clubhouse afterwards.

Order and Pay: Contact directly with image ID and quantity. 


How to Identify your Image File Number
  1- Hover over the image in the gallery 
  2- Click the information button
  3- Look for the File Name
      (it will look like 075683.jpg or DCS_8734.jpg)

Order Prints
Order Prints and Merchandise

Prints and all sorts of neat items are available by using the "BUY" button in the photo galleries.

Your prints are still manually processed to ensure quality, but printed and shipped by a great professional lab.


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