Thursday, March 21, 2019

WYC S.I.'s regarding PRIZES

20.2    Each boat that wins a prize, or that finishes any 25 races in the races/series listed in Instruction 20.4, plus the Big Island Series, Women’s races, all J22 Fleet #1 Championship races and regattas, the U-Gotta regatta and the Capri 25 Championship regatta will be awarded a participation prize. Alternately, a participation prize will be awarded when a boat finishes the minimum number of counted races in the Championship Series or the Sunset Series.


What Does This Mean???
You need to comlete one of the following two critera...

  1. Complete 25 race. Note: You must "complete" the races, attendance doesn't count.
  2. Complete the minimum number of counted Champ or Sunset races. To calculate this take the number of drops allowed for the series, and subtract it from the number of races completed.
    • Sunset Series 2009: 13 races completed (G&T), NINE counted.
    • Champ Series 2009: 11 races completed (A,B,C), EIGHT counted.

How Many Races Did You Complete?
Visit WYC's online results page to identify if you completed 25 races. Link is here...

Actual calculations are completed yearly by the WYC scoring chairperson.

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